Let's Play Dressing Up - The Importance of Imaginative Play and Dressing Up.

Let's Play Dressing Up - The Importance of Imaginative Play and Dressing Up.

Times are tough at the moment… Lockdown boredom, teaching at home, working from home. Oh I do feel your pain, parents working from home whilst trying to keep your “I am bored” brood occupied and entertained.

So let’s play dressing up! Why not, who cares what your wearing in your zoom meeting and if Snow White is in the background playing lego with Spiderman, the dogs dressed as a fairy, your washing pile has turned into the wicked witches wardrobe and your husbands socks are hand puppets! Imaginative play through dressing up in costumes is a valuable part of growing up, but some of us never grow up, not really and thats the best.

My son lived in his Hulk costume when he was small, but of course if your a fully grown person reading this and wearing a hulk costume, high five! I used to wash it while he was sleeping, because he rarely went a day without wearing it, dressing up and tapping into his superhero imagination was his favourite form of play and occupied him for hours. As a family we used to play imaginative games, which helped me with my chores and encouraged the children to help put the laundry away! One game was closely linked to cinderella, of course I was the evil stepmother and the children were Cinderella's, collecting items of clothing and popping them in the their bedroom drawers, excitedly hurrying back for the next wicked demand! We also spent many moments looking for fairy's hiding from us, listening for their voices with role-play and storytelling, not to mention my eldest daughter had an imaginary friend, Thumbelina, whom went everywhere we did… including strapping her into the car seat and laying a place setting at the table!

Dressing up and role play is so much more than just popping on a costume, or ‘clip clopping’ around the house in high heels, it opens a doorway to dream, imagine, pretend to be someone else, be somewhere else, dance, sing, use different voices, mannerisms, pull faces, laugh, interact and have fun…

So please don't save those princess dresses, halloween costumes, ballet dancing tutus, for special occasions or specific times of the year. Pop them on any day or everyday while you're doing the housework or watching a movie, going for a walk or a run out in the car! I encourage you to have some fun and create magical memories. Go on… costume up, give it a try - you’ll be amazed how much you will enjoy it, dad too!